We love jumping in muddy puddles!



Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter…There is something unique and beautiful about each season and what nature brings. But I guess we all have our favourites; for me I love the beauty in Spring and Autumn.

Throughout my childhood I loved being outside, taking long walks with my family and enjoying nature. This seemed to stop being an interest in my teens and early 20’s- however since becoming a mum I have found my love of being outside again and can see the beauty of nature and health benefits through a new perspective.

Winter was never as appealing for me to go out on an adventure, I would much prefer when the sun was shining. It can be cold, feel miserable and I would struggle to get the energy to go out. I would much prefer to stay in all cosy and warm in my pj’s- and yes, I still love to do this a lot of the time!!!

As for many people during winter, it can seem long, cold and dark- not surprisingly this can affect our mood and mental health! But now I love taking my son out in the fresh air and getting some exercise whilst exploring together… Oh yes, that means in the winter too!!

There are many known benefits for being outdoors that we are all aware of, including being active, spending time as a family, it is FREE and not forgetting having a few giggles along the way- my son fell face first in the mud today… don’t worry, we made sure he was ok! He laughed it off and it encouraged him to jump in muddy puddles even more!

But silliness aside, one of the main benefits for me is managing my mental health and well-being.  Everyone suffers with anxiety and stress at one time or another, some more than others. And I am no exception, personally for me there is no better way for me to manage any stress or anxiety than being outdoors and going for a long walk with my son.

I get our wellies out, clothes that I don’t mind getting dirty and put my hair up out the way (usually resembling a bird’s nest!) I may not look glamorous but by the end of that walk, it does not matter, I no longer care what others think about me or how I look… being outdoors does wonders for my mental health and well-being.  And finally having my son to explore with along the way, showing me the magic he can see through his eyes, is one of the best things to make the anxiety of the daily stresses in life melt away.

So, if you feel this will help you, or know that it already does… go on, get those wellies out, go on an adventure and don’t forget to jump in muddy puddles!




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