Dear Perfect Parent

Dear Perfect Parent

Dear Perfect Parent,

Whether your child prefers….

A dummy or sucking their thumb,

Is breast or bottle fed,

Co sleeps with you or sleeps in their own room,

Snacks on chocolate or carrot sticks,

Whether you…

Read a book or enjoy a glass of wine when they are finally fast asleep,

Enjoy the occasional child free weekend away or just a few hours to have some “me” time,

Are a stay at home parent, or go to work,

Are calm and confident when your child has a tantrum or you are embarrassed and feel yourself turning bright red,

Do you know what makes you a perfect parent?

Doing what you believe is best for your child at that very moment in time, makes you a perfect parent.

The only right way, is the right way for you and your child.


As parents, we can sometimes feel judged by others or worry that we are not making the right decisions for our children.

We can often compare ourselves to other parents and other children to our own children. The truth is, if our children are cared for and there is love and laughter you are doing an amazing job.

I know myself that some days are harder than others, it may feel that other parents have it all together and everything seems perfect. But please remember, that you may be the perfect parent to someone else.

Social media can play a big role in our perception of “the perfect parent” and I like many others take many photos of the fun and special times in our lives.

However, it is very rare for us to share the moments that we find hard or difficult. I certainly do not share photos of me looking like something out of a horror film after a difficult night sleep, or me trying not to cry after my child has just had an almighty tantrum, or when the house is mess after a toddler tornado has demolished it!

But maybe we should share these moments more…its real and it is called life!

There is no manual book (so I am told anyway) and the parenting journey can be a tough one but it is also an amazing one!

So finally,

Dear perfect parents,

It seems we are all just winging it together and in my opinion that is just perfect!



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