And so the adventure begins…



Change is constant, it happens all around us; the seasons changing, day turning to night and when time flies by way too quickly. Just like many changes, they are out of our control but we learn to accept this.

However, when it comes to change that we are in control of, especially within our personal life, many of us become so fearful of the unknown and stay in our comfort zone. This is called “anticipatory anxiety” and is a completely normal response as our brain is wired to do the same thing over and over, regardless whether the activity is good or bad for you.

A great saying that I will always remember in times of change is;

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet”


As my blog is called Think Less*Live More, I really feel that Change plays a big part in this. For me, fighting that “anticipatory anxiety” and embracing new challenges, although difficult at times is what I aim to achieve and will achieve!

Change can lead you to a new beginning, a new chapter in your life and I think that is worth embracing! It affects us all in different ways and so many of us find it difficult, me included!

Here is a sneaky peek at my tips and tricks to embrace change. I find them helpful and I hope you do too;

Be Brave; Leave your comfort zone. After all, it is said that outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens!

Say Yes; Embrace new experiences. When you look back on your life, all the amazing memories will be because you said yes to new opportunities!

Learn About Yourself; Change can help find out who you really are. They say change is about learning, learning is about growing and growing is about living!

Tip Toe; It’s okay to take it slow, small steps can lead to big changes. And sometimes the smallest step in the right direction can lead to the biggest step of your life!

Accept It May Be Difficult; Change is not always easy, it can be a roller coaster. You can either scream every time there is a bump, or throw your hands up and enjoy the ride!

Build Confidence; Once you have left your comfort zone, it can arm you with more confidence than before. You learn that change can be positive and not only can you thrive in new situations you flourish!

Save Your Energy; Worry and anxiety is often linked to a fear of change. But worry and anxiety can be exhausting. It takes more energy and effort to resist change, than it does to accept it!

Have Fun; Yes… Change can lead to fun! When you embrace change, you are more likely to say YES to new opportunities and YES to new adventures.

So… go on… learn to embrace change with me and let’s say YES to new opportunities, YES to more adventures and YES to having more fun!yes1 (2)

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