Happy Easter!

Happy Easter

Easter Flowers.jpg

It’s that time of year again…. Spring has sprung and we are enjoying a four-day weekend to celebrate Easter. Yes, that means early wake up calls to see if the Easter Bunny has paid a visit, it means chocolate being socially accepted for breakfast, no wait hold on… breakfast, lunch and dinner! It means spending time with friends and family and lots of hyper children experiencing a sugar rush!!

       I hope you have all been enjoying Easter! Here is a sneak peek into some of the fun I have had this weekend!

west bay.jpg

 The weekend started with a lovely afternoon in West Bay for Good Friday. Although, typically the sun decided to not have his hat on as soon as we left Weymouth! But we still enjoyed the lovely walks and views, not forgetting an ice-cream (the smile on my son’s face tells me he enjoyed this very much!)

I started Easter Sunday with some delicious Hot Cross Buns for breakfast in the sunshine- Yummy!

Easter Breakfast.jpg

And it seems the Easter Bunny did pay us a visit…

One very excited little boy had an Easter Egg Hunt in the garden, which we all very much enjoyed! My son followed the colourful signs that led him to lots of chocolate bunnies which he could carry around in an adorable chick basket.

This was great fun for all the family and we will be keeping this tradition for years to come!

Easter Egg Hunt.jpg

Easter Sunday ended with a lovely walk around Lodmoor Country Park- fun on the swings and slides and of course, an obligatory miniature train trip around the park. One thing is for sure, we have had lots of fun!

Fun Easter Facts!

The giving of eggs is considered a symbol of rebirth in many cultures.

The date of Easter varies each year as it is based on the lunar calendar and the position of the moon.

Different cultures celebrate Easter in different ways. In Sweden, they do not have an Easter Bunny, they have an Easter Wizard!

The myth of the Easter Bunny comes from an old German tale about a woman who used to decorate eggs and leave them for her children to find. It is reported that as her children found the eggs, they saw a bunny hopping away. Naturally, the children thought the bunny had left the eggs for them!


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