Live, Laugh, Love

Live Laugh Love

Life is a journey, with many ups and downs, smiles and frowns,

 Each chapter is as unique as that freckle on your cheek,

 Many are exciting yet turning the page can be terribly frightening,

 A few so elating, celebrations with friends, lucky you, how amazing!

 Sad times do pass, when you feel all alone and every day can become a task,

But with loved ones so dear, they are always there to wipe away the tears,

It is true that people will walk in and out of our lives,

 But good friends will always stay by our side,

They say you will never value a moment, until it becomes a memory,

And with this so true, cherish each memory with photo’s a plenty,

After all, it is the 21st century!

 Let us Live life to the full and dance like nobody is watching,

 Let us Laugh every day, laugh so much until your stomach is hurting,

 Let us Love with all our heart, to the moon and back again,

 Because before you know it, time has passed,

 Time has passed so fast, you wish those memories will last,

 Each moment we will capture, to help us smile when reading each chapter

 Live, Laugh, Love.


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