Beat The January Blues


The Christmas cheer seems like a distant memory and we are now so close to the end of January. Thank goodness for that! January is renowned for being a very depressing month and hey, it even has its own nickname of The January Blues.

January is cold, damp and dark and let’s not forget germs are spreading like wild fire!

I have to admit, even I have found this month a struggle (I am currently sat with a box of tissues in reach and dosed up on cold and flu medication!). But let’s not forget just like my cold, negativity is contagious- if you think it’s a month to feel blue, you talk about it being blue and you moan about it being blue then you will be blue!

Media has a big part to play in how we feel at certain times of the year just take Friday the Thirteenth, Wednesday being Hump Day and January being Blue as examples!

However, positivity is just as contagious… so for a moment, let’s think back to when summer was coming to an end; we were looking forward to cosy nights in, hot chocolate, big oversize jumpers and winter walks.

We were feeling positive about the change in seasons but after time it can be a struggle to remember those reasons to be positive. But January is the start of a new year, a new chapter in our lives which is exciting! There is no denying that the evenings are getting lighter and it won’t be long until the clocks change forward and a whole new level of positivity is needed as we start worrying about our bikini bodies!

Check out my top tips to embrace positivity and help us until Spring has Sprung!

  • Enjoy cosy days/nights in- grab a blanket, a hot chocolate and a film and make the most of the dark evenings.
  • Pamper yourself- Have a relaxing bath, paint your nails, put on a face mask. Its surprising how some time to look after yourself can lift your mood.
  • Get outside- wrap up warm, put on your wellies and have a wintery walk with friends or family and enjoy some fresh air.
  • Read a book- take some time away from social media occasionally and let your imagination take you to another world.
  • Enjoy warm winter meals- It’s a great time to make use of the slow cooker to make homemade favourites like stew and dumplings!
  • Listen to music- there is nothing better than dancing around in the kitchen with your children and being silly to lift your mood (or on your own…we all do it!).
  • Plan your year- it’s exciting to think about what you would like to do this year, get you diary or calendar out and get planning!
  • Meet friends- nothing is better than the therapy of catching up with friends and laughing until your cheeks hurt!
  • Gratitude- Wake up every morning and think or write down something that you are grateful for… It may be a grey time of the year but every day is a gift!
  • And as I always say…surround yourself with radiators and not drains- people who lift you up, make you feel good and happy!



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