Happy Birthday!

feb blog

It’s time to say Happy Birthday to ThinkLess*LiveMore!!

Yes one year ago today I decided to start this Blog and I am so happy that I did. Over the last year I have posted many blogs covering several different topics. I have had so many lovely messages via social media and even people mentioning my blog to me in person to tell me how much they enjoy reading it. This makes me smile so much!

I also have some lovely followers via the Blog Community and am very grateful for their comments, likes and support.

I started this blog as I love to write, be creative but most importantly spread positivity. If even just one of my blogs helps someone to not feel alone, offers advice or simply brings them a smile then my job is done.

I find blogging very therapeutic and enjoy being creative.

So if you have any topics that you would like me to include in my blogs then please feel free to message me. I would welcome your ideas with open arms!

Thank you so much for the support- I have had 1, 144 views this year, this may not seem much to some very successful bloggers but to little old me, this is amazing!

Here are the top 3 Blogs, chosen by you!!!

  1. The Mummy Diary Part 1


2. If you can be anything be kind

blog pic

3. Dear Perfect Parent


Go check them out via the Blog link on the homepage!

And finally… Here is to another year of ThinkLess*LiveMore!!

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