Happy Birthday!

So…I’m a bit late to the party as it’s been a busy few weeks! But we can’t forget to celebrate ThinkLess*LiveMore’s 2nd Birthday!

I started this blog on the 25th February 2017 as it was something I had wanted to do for so long. Two years has gone so quick and it’s clear that writing for this blog is still very much a passion!

Two years on and I still have so much lovely support, it might not be thousands like some bloggers but I have people who have followed me from the start and get new followers all the time which is lovely to see.

I love hearing your feedback and to know that you take the time to read my blogs puts a big smile on my face. To know that my words have helped people makes me know that the decision to create this blog two years ago was the best decision.

My first blog was The Mummy Diary Part 1 and it had 241 views! For a first blog from little old me, I’d say that’s not too bad at all! So thank you to everyone that read this.


If you would like to follow me but don’t have a WordPress account then don’t fear! You can still hit the follow button and add an email address so you get notifications whenever I upload a new blog (I can see some of you do this already, thank you!)

I can’t wait to see Thinkless*LiveMore continue to grow and your support means so much.


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