The Mummy Diary- Part 2



You changed my life without even trying,
Let’s start with the sleepless nights,
Yawn… oh excuse me, it’s very tiring!

The days of feeling energised, a thing of the past,
You wonder how long those few moments of peace will last,
The bags under my eyes are so terribly frightening!
When friends take pictures I pray to God; Please let there be great lighting!

Clean clothes, what’s that?
Sometime during the day,  I think oh no… look at that splat!
Watching an entire film…now that’s very funny!
It’s usually Peppa Pig or Bing the Bunny!

You’ve got through the day with an almighty tantrum or two,
What about? Who knows, not a clue!
The evenings fly by so fast, yes it’s finally bed time at long last,
Oh no! There’s a star fish in my bed!
Not even enough room to rest my weary head,

But wait…let’s not forget,
That since the very first day we met,
Yes, you changed my life thats true,
But when I am around you, I can never be blue!

You call me mummy and it sounds so scrummy,
Love, laughter and memories to cherish,
You my darling, are going to flourish,
Time goes by so very fast,
But our special bond is here to last,

You changed my life without even trying,
You are my whole world,  there’s just no denying!

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